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For Sale: School Girls Panties

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For Sale: School Girls Panties

Hello to everyones.  My name is Poo.  I am girls from Thailand.  Poo is name mean pink.  When I am little girls I like to wear every things pink so every peoples call me poo.  I am now 21 years.  I go to business school in Lopburi Thailand.  I want to be a business women.  My familys are very poor.  My father works with construction and my mother sales vegetables and fruits on a stand by the highway.  I live in a room with my two friends to go to school.  We need some money to buy clothes and food and pay to go to school.  So my friends and me think we could sale our pantys to foreign business man.  My cousin lives in Lopburi with Englishman and he told us that foreign man like to buy young girl pantys.  My friends think this is to funny but we well do anyway if we can make some money to buy food and pay to school.  The Englishman say we can use his paypal account to collect money from credit card for our pantys.  My friends don’t like to show there face in the photo but you can see there very pretty in there pantys.  We only ask for $35.00 USD for pantys and we will send by free air mail.  We have different kinds of colors of pantys so if you can just only say which girls you want the pantys from we will send only hers pantys to you.

Heres our names:  Poo, Aun, Daeng. 


The account name is: Jatukarm-Ramathep-Thailand

Click "Buy Now" below




If you don't know how to use paypal, e-mails me and tell me how many panties you want and I will send you an invoice from paypal.  easy






Here some photo’s of us.                       


Thanks you  ------ Poo J




Posted: 00:07, 2008-Jul-30
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